Monidor Oy

Proper intravenous therapy for every patient with a small and easy-to-use tool


The Monidor company

Monidor is a health-technology company. We specialise in the development of small, smart devices for digital health to help health care professionals in their daily work. Monidor has high-quality processes and a smooth workflow, following ISO13485 and the FDA medical regulations.


Monidor participated as an exhibitor at the OSASTONHOITAJA & HOITOTYÖN JOHTAJA 2019 in Tampere, Finland, 15.-16. January 2019.

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IV Screen remote monitoring system pilots in Finnish hospitals

Monidor is currently piloting the new IV Screen remote monitoring system in Finnish hospitals.

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Monidrop piloting widely at the Oulu University Hospital in winter and spring 2018

Monidrop piloted widely in Oulu University Hospital and total of 12 hospital wards used Monidrop from January to April 2018.

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