Monidor Oy

Easier and Safer IV Therapy
with Remote Monitoring

Why Monidor

Patient safety

More accurate gravity IV therapy improves the overall quality of care and can result in shorter hospital stays and less complications.

Helping nurses

Monidrop® helps to set the infusion speed accurately and reduces the risks of mistakes. Fever visits to each bedside are needed, thus reducing extra steps, improving workflow and making especially night-time care much easier.


Monidor IV remote monitoring saves costs in terms of working time and materials. According to our study, the ROI is estimated at 2.6, i.e. the investment pays for itself approximately 2.6 times.
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Safe and secure, plus easy to use

Monidor solution gives direct visibility to the ongoing gravity intravenous therapy, also remotely with the IV Screen. The Monidrop® device is easily clipped into common drip sets and the display clearly shows infusion rate, total volume, time and targets related to volume and speed.

We have designed a user-friendly solution that notably eases the nurses' work while saves time and improves the quality of care.

93%of users recommendMonidor solution to their colleagues

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Monidrop Monidrop

The Company


Monidor is a modern health-technology company in Oulu, Finland. Our experts work closely with the healthcare sector to produce the best devices for patient care.


Our passion is to help the clinicians in their work and improve patient safety with simple digital solutions, that are proven to be safe and secure, plus easy to use.

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