Monidor Oy

Istekki chose Monidor as the provider of the infusion remote monitoring services 


Istekki Oy completed the tendering process for IV infusion therapy remote monitoring and Monidor Oy was chosen as a service provider.The Monidor IV remote monitoring service includes a Monidrop® infusion meter and IV Screen™ remote monitoring software. With Monidor remote monitoring, the implementation of IV treatment is better controlled and the work is easier. The mission of Finnish in 2015 founded health technology company Monidor Oy is to help the work of the nurses and improve patient safety with easy to use and innovative solutions. The first wards have already started using Monidor remote monitoring in Pirkanmaa Hospital District and Pohjois-Savo Hospital District in their University Hospitals.

Istekki is a Finnish, growing and developing expert organization for information and health and well-being technology with more than 850 employees. It acts nationwide as a strong service integrator for health and social care organizations and municipalities. In 2021, the company's turnover was approximately EUR 153 million. Its head office is in Kuopio, and the company also has offices in Tampere, Jyväskylä and Oulu. Istekki is a publicly owned company, owned by welfare areas, hospital districts, municipalities, associations of municipalities and strategic partners of the owners. It offers its customer owners a strategic partnership and competitive services, as well as a community of experts with extensive core competencies in public administration and healthcare technology solutions.

“Istekki is an ideal partner for Monidor. We are united by the goal of providing customers with the most impressive and best possible service. Istekki knows its own owner-customers well and, as a provider of ICT services, significantly strengthens Monidor's service. We are very pleased to start cooperating.” Mikko Savola, CEO, Monidor Oy

“Monidor is a good partner for Istekki and supports our mission to build a new digital tomorrow and help our customer owners succeed. Our common goal is to promote health by providing high-quality and cost-effective healthcare technology services.” Kalle Mönkkönen, Business Manager, Istekki Oy