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Jan Prokofjeff to Help Monidor Take the Next Step in Internationalization


Monidor’s Monidrop® and the remote infusion monitoring service have already proven to be world-class solutions for improving the performance of hospital wards. Monidor provides an affordable yet safe way to monitor patients before they are sent home. Now, when the solution has matured, it is time for Monidor to speed up its internationalization activities. Monidor’s solution is a niche product and even though Finland has been an excellent market for piloting it, majority of customers are abroad. That’s where Monidor is heading next. 

To succeed in internationalization, Monidor has recently hired a new sales director, Jan Prokofjeff. He operates from the new Helsinki office, located conveniently in the Meilahti hospital campus. Prokofjeff has a strong background in healthtech, especially in sales activities and working with international distributors. 

Prokofjeff started his academic studies in history, specializing in economic history in Uppsala University. He graduated from the Uppsala University with a Masters’s Degree in international business. Some of his international business studies were done in the Helsinki School of Economics. Prokofjeff started his working career at TBWA\North, one of the biggest ad agencies in Finland. Already at TBWA he got to know the healthtech industry and started to grow interest in it. 

After one and a half years at TBWA\North Prokofjeff proceeded to Icare Finland Oy in 2009. He spent ten years at Icare, starting as a Sales and Marketing coordinator and finishing as a Regional Director, responsible for EMEA and Latin America. During these 10 years Prokofjeff got to witness how a company grew from a smaller player to a Global player in the tonometry and Ophthalmology market. 

Ten years later the time was right for something new. Prokofjeff met with Monidor and was immediately impressed by their product. It has unique technology and aims to solve a concrete problem. In addition, the company is in a suitable phase to make use of Prokofjeff’s expertise of managing distributors across markets. Finally, the original Monidor core team as well as the advisory board have plans to go international which is in line with Prokofjeff’s ambitions. 

The first weeks onboard have further convinced Prokofjeff that he made the right choice joining the company. Feedback from both hospitals and distributors has been very positive. It is not typical for a healthtech startup to get so many contacts from the market. It is clearly a good sign and underlines the demand for Monidor’s solution. 

The solution is based on strong healthcare knowledge and product development, which give confidence in going abroad. Monidor intends to get a strong hold first in Europe, and then proceed to the USA. Initial target markets in Europe are the UK and Germany, the next ones France, Italy, and Spain.

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CEO, Monidor