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Monidor Expands Remote IV Therapy Monitoring in Collaboration with B. Braun


Monidor, a Finnish health technology company specializing in remote monitoring, plans to revolutionize remote monitoring of IV therapy through cooperation with B. Braun, a well-known international medical device manufacturer. This partnership represents considerable progress in the supervision of infusion therapy. 

The joint project will integrate B. Braun's infusion pumps with Monidor's remote monitoring. This allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor infusions administered with B. Braun infusion pumps via the easy-to-use Monidor IV Screen application. 

Previously,Monidor remote IV therapy monitoring application was limited to infusions administered without a pump. However, this collaboration breaks this limitation and allows remote monitoring of B. Braun's advanced infusion pumps. This extension improves the versatility of the entire Monidor solution and provides a new level of ease and accuracy in patient care. 

The first integration project will be implemented in the wellbeing services county of South Savo ELOISA this autumn. This development promises measurable benefits for both healthcare professionals and patients, which is expected to improve the quality of care and streamline processes. 

B. Braun has operations in more than 60 countries and its global recognition and extensive experience make it a key player in the medical device industry. This cooperation not only complements Monidor's service, but also opens new horizons for the company. The partnership will continue to pave the way for innovative business opportunities and set a new standard for remote IV care monitoring solutions globally. 

Additional information:

CEO Mikko Savola,, tel. +358 50 3788890