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Monidor's new board has strong experience in growth and international sales of medical devices


Monidor is strongly targeting the international market under the leadership of the new board of directors. An experienced growth expert and board professional, Antti Sivula, has been elected chairman of the board. Other new members of the board are Kristo Kivilaakso, an expert in global distribution sales of medical devices, and Jussi Sainiemi, who has long experience in growth company financing and Venture Capital.

Antti Sivula has been involved in several companies, such as Fortune500 companies, Finnish listed companies, SME companies and startups. With Monidor, he wants to focus especially on internationalization, customer relationship management, and the company’s change process.

“Monidor is an extremely interesting startup that, as it grows, faces all the common challenges that growing companies face. I want to give my full experience to Monidor, and my success can be measured by being able to avoid the bad pitfalls of growth and being able to make the right choices in a timely manner. In this way, the growth path becomes both fast and as profitable as possible.“ Antti Sivula commented on his role as Chairman of the Board at Monidor.

"I'm really excited to work with the professional board of directors with experience in the development and growth of the company's international sales. The new board helps Monidor to determine and review vision, mission, and goals. At the same time knowing that we need experts with entrepreneurial mindset on the board to help Monidor, which is a start-up company.  The results will be visible in the long term, but I can already say that we have taken many good steps forward, led by the board. It is nice to work together.” Says Mikko Savola, CEO of Monidor.


Mr. Antti Sivula, the CEO of Mekitec and member of the board in Efore, has been appointed chairman of the board. He brings along his vast experience in scaling small businesses to successful international business, growing sales and developing sales channels based on his experience in Bluegiga CEO, Mekitek CEO and Senior Vice President at EB. He also has raised notable rounds of funding and delivering significant shareholder value with Bluegiga Technologies exit to Silicon Labs.

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