Monidor Oy

Monidrop® first deliveries and trials

Monidrop infusion monitor sales started in Finland in Dec 2017 together with distribution partner Mediq Suomi Oy. The first deliveries to the appr. 20 different customers in Finland were done during Dec 2017 and Jan 2018. First impressions were really good and customer feedback was very positive especially about easy-to-use user interface and small size.

In addition, hospital trials for Monidrop started in Oulu University hospital in 10 different departments in the first quarter of 2018. A lot of feedback was collected about experiences in daily use. Small and easy-to-use product was welcome to hospital.

To make Monidrop even better, we also collected feedback about improvements. After three months of trials, we could improve the audio alarms functionality, and the user interface to such an extent that with new software updates, the end users no longer proposed any additional improvements to these settings.

“All new devices need to be tested with the end-users and finalised for wider use to make sure they work well. We managed to do that in three months, and I am very thankful to the Oulu University Hospital for their good collaboration, ” says CEO Mikko Savola of Monidor.