Monidor Oy

Monidrop® piloting widely at the Oulu University Hospital in winter and spring 2018

Monidrop infusion monitor entered the market in December 2017. Right after that, Monidrop piloted widely in Oulu University Hospital and total of 12 hospital wards used Monidrop from January to April 2018.

Trials were very important for Monidor, as they enabled comprehensive end-user feedback. The Monidrop infusion monitor and its functions were extensively tested at the product development stage, but the most important user experiences appear in the real usage. Based on the feedback, further adjustments were made to the device to achieve the best possible usability. For example, adjusting alarm sensitivity and enabling alarm sound muting.

Monidrop benefits based on collected feedback

A total of 80 responses were received through online survey, and Monidor also collected oral feedback directly from nurses during trials. Monidrop is seen useful in the wards, it is easy to use and allows more accurate fluid therapy than visually estimated. It is especially suitable for use with antibiotics but has also been found to be beneficial with basic fluids, blood products and nutritional solutions.

The main functions of the Monidrop are to adjust the infusion rate to the correct speed and to alert when fluid flow to the patient is prevented. The evaluation of infusion rate visually is not easy, and the flow is easily blocked if the patient's position is not optimal. Monidrop infusion monitor brings assistance especially to these problems and therefore it facilitates basic care. Overall, Monidrop received good feedback from the nurses and the devices are now in use in the hospital on most wards.