Monidor Oy

Easy IV Therapy
with Remote Monitoring


Safe and secure, plus easy to use

Monidor solution gives direct visibility to the ongoing gravity intravenous therapy, also remotely with the IV Screen. The Monidrop® device is easily clipped into common drip sets and the display clearly shows infusion speed, total volume, time and targets related to volume and speed.

Our user-friendly solution notably eases the nurses' work while saving time and improving the quality and safety of care.

Quick intro

Apply Monidrop device to the patient and adjust the desired drip rate with the roller clamp of the administration set.

With the IV Screen PC or mobile app, you can name the device by the patient’s location. You can also set notifications for the amount of fluid to be administered and the duration of the treatment.

All devices in use on the ward are displayed in the same application view.

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Easy to take
into use

  • Suitable for common drip sets

  • Quick clip to the drip chamber

  • Wireless connection with IV Screen™ as an option

  • Chargeable

  • Suitable for hospital wards and home hospitals

  • Light indicator and audio alarm

    for IV infusion status and any malfunction

  • Monidrop® screen display shows:

    · Infusion speed
    · Total volume
    · Time
    · Targets (volume and speed)

  • IV Screen™ display shows:

    · Status of all infusions remotely
    · Notification status (traffic light)
    · Flow rate, volume, duration of treatment
    · Battery status and target setting (if set)

Clear benefits

Patient safety

Traditionally, basic IV therapy is conducted manually without any assisting device, which makes it prone to errors and creates unnecessary risks. By using Monidrop® infusion monitor hospitals can provide more accurate IV therapy. This improves the overall quality of care and can result in shorter hospital stays and less complications.

With the IV Screen™ remote care is made easy and the patients will have more privacy and a calmer environment.

Helping nurses

Monidrop® helps nurses set the manually adjusted infusion speed accurately and reduce the risk of mistakes. Monidrop® is very useful with antibiotics, basic fluids, blood products and nutrition.

Remote care at its best! With the Monidor solution the nurses’ workload is eased with fewer visits to each bedside while being able to monitor the IV therapy of all the Monidrop equipped rooms from the same IV Sreen – super handy especially at night-time.


Monidor IV remote monitoring saves costs in terms of working time and materials. The ROI is estimated at 2.6, i.e. the investment pays for itself approximately 2.6 times.

"When using infusion remote monitoring, you don’t have to disturb patients' sleep when checking that the infusion drips properly"

Jussi-Pekka Soini, Oulu University Hospital (gastro-surgical and endogrinological department)

"Monidrop is practical, especially with blood infusions and at night, when staffing levels are low"

Roosa Lahtinen, HUS (Haartman internal medicine ward)

How to get Monidor Solution

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How to get the solution

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