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Monidor solution is used throughout Europe. We systematically collect feedback from our customers, and here are the most recent comments:


Infusion remote monitoring

"With Monidor, steps and time are saved by not having to visit repeatedly in patient rooms to monitor the dripping of liquids / infusions." - Nurse Marja Mäki-Soini, Sastamala, Tampere University hospital

"You can check from the Monidor application on your phone whether the medicine/liquid is dripping and whether there is still some liquid left. You can avoid unnecessary steps & save time for other work. You don't have to go to the isolation room as often, you can avoid unnecessary dressing and save time and money." - Nurse Maija Aalto, Kempele health center hospital

"Monidor is a top device. Easy to use and makes our work easier thanks to remote monitoring." - Nurse Satu Kokko, Lakeus home hospital, Kempele

“Outpatients with antibiotic infusions have been pleased when the infusions are not prolonged because we are able to set the appropriate infusion rate and follow when the treatment ends.” - Nurse Katja Leppälä, Ylivieska Health Center, ward

“Infusion remote monitoring is good especially for long antibiotics because it helps to ensure that they drip in time” - Nurse Tiina Paaso, OYS gastro-surgical and endogrinological department

“When using infusion remote monitoring at night, you don’t have to go to the patient´s room to check that the infusion drips properly and the patient can sleep better” - Nurse Jussi-Pekka Soini, OYS 8a gastro-surgical and endogrinological department

"It is easier at night to follow patient hydration without disturbing their sleep" - Nurse Pirkko Vilokki, OYS 6a othopedic surgery ward

“You can see when the infusion ends or does not drip properly. Problems are noticed in time.” - Nurse Päivi Viinikangas, OYS 6a othopedic surgery ward

“Easy to use and significantly saves nurses steps. No unnecessary visits to check the infusions.”  - Nurse Linda Oksanen, OYS 6a othopedic surgery ward

“The biggest benefit is in night-time use. Monitoring of infusions has also been made easier in the care of isolation patients.” - Nurse Kirsi Meriläinen, Kajaani health center Hospital

"Specifically facilitates night-time monitoring of infusions, not having to visit the patient so often to check up. It also increases the patient's sleep." - Nurse Johanna Pilto, Kajaani health center Hospital

“Monidrop is practical especially at night, when staffing levels are low, especially with blood infusions” - Nurse Roosa Lahtinen, HUS Haartman internal medicine ward

“When I learned how to use the device, it was practical. Especially at night, the reduction in the number of alarms was a good thing. Monidrop and remote monitoring help you avoid extra room visits.”  - Nurse Maija Kotilainen, HUS Haartman Internal medicine ward

Monidrop infusion monitor

“It facilitates the calculation and monitoring of the infusion speed. When using the bottle, it is difficult to estimate the amount of drips and the infusion speed varies depending on the patient, but these can be easily seen on Monidrop's screen."  - Nurse  Kaarina Santala, cancer and blood disease ward

 "Easy to use, and installation does not take time. Monidrop increases healthcare safety. It’s the first small -size medical device I have seen..” - Nurse Katja Björklund, orthopaedic surgery ward

No safety-related observations were raised with Monidrop in Oulu University Hospital trials held in between Jan 2018 to May 2018.” - Sami Sneck, Medication Education and Safety Coordinator 

"The hospital nursing staff in the Kuopio University Hospital is very delighted with the small and handy size as well as the ease of use of the device." - Merita Kaunisto, Project Coordiinator at Kuopio University Hospital


Using Monidrop infusion monitor