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User Training

1:00 min

1. Why Monidor remote monitoring?

The aim of Monidor remote monitoring of IV therapy is to improve patient safety and facilitate the work of nurses in infusion therapies in hospital wards.

Monidor remote monitoring for IV therapy is suitable for gravity infusion therapies, where closer monitoring is required.


You can use remote monitoring from the hospital ward's smartphones, workstations, or tablets.

3:00 min

2. Workflow and Instruction videos

For a smooth workflow, it is important to plan the setup carefully in the ward.

In the instruction video, you can see how you can use Monidor remote monitoring of IV therapy in practice.

Workflow video shows an example of a remote monitoring workflow with mobile devices.


2:00 min

3. Quick user guide

The Monidrop infusion monitor helps to set the drip rate with the roller clamp in gravity based infusion therapies. In addition to the real-time flow rate (ml/h), the infusion monitor also shows the volume of fluid dropped (ml) and the duration of therapy (min/h).

You can monitor the progress of infusion therapy from the Monidor remote monitoring application, where you will receive notifications if there are any abnormalities in the course of therapy.

Advanced settings and notifications make your work easier

1:15 min

4. Suitable IV fluid therapies

Blood products/blood transfusion

Medicine e.g. antibiotics

Maintenance fluids

  • Normal Saline
  • Half Normal Saline
  • Lactated Ringer's
  • Dextrose 5 % in Water
  • Liquids with added electrolytes (e.g. potassium supplementation)
  • Monitoring the fluid balance in basic fluid therapy

Total parenteral nutrition

  • Nutriflex Peri

Non suitable fluid therapies

  • Infusions requiring an absolutely accurate infusion rate, as are many cytostatics and biological drugs.
  • Nutriflex Lipid Peri, Smofkabiven Perifer or lipid solutions of drip size other than 20 gtt/ml

The Monidrop infusion monitor does not replace the infusion pump or syringe pump.  

2:00 min

5. Frequently asked questions

Why does the infusion rate slow down as therapy progresses?

During IV therapy, the infusion rate may vary for reasons such as:

- Patient moves

- Patient's hand position changes

- Patient's vein does not pull properly

- Roller clamp "slips" or fluid transfer tube adapts with time 

It is normal that in the first few minutes the infusion rate slows down somewhat due to the roller clamp. It is advisable to adjust the infusion rate slightly over target (10–20 %).

The Monidrop infusion monitor shows the rate set by the roller clamp without affecting it. Monidrop does not slow down, speed up, or limit the adjusted rate. Its use, on the other hand, raises awareness of what is actually happening. Without the monitor, changes in the infusion rate may easily go unnoticed.


Why does the infusion rate change when, for example, the patient moves the hand?

When the patient moves, the change in the rate of infusion is normal. The rate may change, for example, when the height difference to the liquid bottle changes as the patient moves.

The Monidrop infusion monitor brings to prominence natural rate variations caused by movement that could otherwise go unnoticed.


The adjusted infusion rate accuracy does not always hold, but sometimes the drip either slows down or speeds up, why?

The Monidrop infusion monitor shows the infusion rate at an accuracy of +/-2%. Depending on the drip set used, the total accuracy is approximately +/- 10%. The infusion monitor does not affect the infusion rate or accuracy, but shows the actual rate set with the roller clamp.


The readings of Monidrop and the remote monitoring application don't add up, why?

The infusion data is updated on the remote monitoring card during therapy with a slight delay: in every 1.5 minutes and for the first 5 minutes slightly more frequently, in every 45 seconds.


How do I remove a card from the remote monitoring application?

The card is automatically removed from the remote monitoring application screen 15 minutes after the device has been turned off.


How do I reset the IV therapy data?

When the Monidrop infusion monitor is restarted, the data from the previous therapy is automatically reset. If you want to reset only the total volume and duration, you can do that from the remote monitoring application. The reset does not affect the target or the remaining amount of IV fluid or time.

Can I adjust the infusion rate with Monidrop?

The Monidrop infusion monitor cannot be used to adjust the infusion rate. The infusion rate is always adjusted by the roller clamp on the drip set.


Can I replace the infusion pump with Monidrop?

Monidrop cannot be used to adjust the infusion rate. It is not suitable for infusions that require an absolutely accurate infusion rate, like many cytostatics and biological drugs.


Can I use a Monidrop infusion monitor for paediatric patients or for infusion therapies that require particular accuracy?

Use is not recommended for patients under 10 years of age or weighing less than 20 kg, or if the measurement accuracy should be higher than > 11 %.


How easily does Monidrop break, for example, when it falls on the floor?

Monidrop is drop tested for 1.5 meters.


How long does the battery of Monidrop infusion monitor last? And how long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes 2–3 hours to charge the battery of an empty Monidrop infusion monitor. When fully charged, the battery lasts approximately 2 days.


Can I use a Monidrop infusion monitor while charging?

Monidrop can be used during charging.


How can I clean the Monidrop infusion monitor?

You can clean Monidrop with a disinfectant cloth (e.g. ApoWIPE) or with a cloth moistened in a mild soap water solution.

1:00 min

6. At the end of the training

Questions to think about at the end of the training

  • Can you think of fluid/drug therapy where you could take advantage of Monidor remote monitoring?
  • Can you think of situations where it would be a good idea to start using Monidor remote monitoring?

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