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Why Monidrop


Complications can be reduced with accurate IV fluid therapy. This results in shorter hospital stay and reduces costs.

Patient Safety

Monidrop is an accurate, small and lightweight device, which is designed to improve the quality of care in intravenous therapy.


Complications can be reduced with accurate IV fluid therapy. This results in shorter hospital stay and reduces costs.

User friendly

Monidrop is easy to set up and simple to use. Flow rate is adjusted with roller clamp.


  • To what purpose and to whom is Monidrop intended?

    Monidrop is designed for hospital and home health care environments.

  • What liquids can be infused when using Monidrop?

    General purpose IV solutions, blood products, regular nutrients and antibiotics.

  • Can Monidrop be cleaned using normal cleaning liquid chemicals?

    Monidrop can be cleaned and disinfected using regular medical device cleaning methods and chemicals.

  • How is the infusion flow rate adjusted?

    Flow rate is adjusted using the well-known roller clamp, and infusion speed can be seen on the screen (ml/h).

  • Can Monidrop be used for the same purpose with a syringe pump?

    Monidrop is designed to improve the quality of care in infusion therapy that is often conducted manually without assist of any electronic device.

  • Does Monidrop require device specific IV infusion set?

    Monidrop can be used with most of the common drip sets. It can be quickly fastened onto the drip chamber.

  • What kind of alarms can be set and how do the alarms work?

    User can set alarm limits for target infusion speed (ml/h), total volume (ml) or elapsed time. In case of alarm, Monidrop indicates alarms with LED lights and sounds.

  • How is Monidrop charged and can it be used while charging?

    The device can be charged using device’s charger, which is included in the sales package. Monidrop can be used while charging.

  • Is there wireless connectivity in the device?

    Wireless connectivity can be implemented to the hospital network as a separate option.

  • How to buy the Monidrop?

    Monidrop delivery will begin in autumn 2017. For more information about availability, please contact or +358 50 3788890 / Mikko Savola.


Antti Puolitaival is a rheumatologist. The need for a new type of IV therapy device, such as Monidrop, has been risen from Antti's daily work with his patients.

Antti says: "I have faced frequent problems in clinical work due to inaccurate intravenous fluid therapy. Today most intravenous therapy is conducted manually. This makes intravenous therapy inaccurate and increases the nurses’ work load.

While thinking about a solution for the problem, I found out that a small and simple infusion monitor could help nurses a lot in their work. I was surprised that such a product did not exist in the market, yet! So I drew a simple picture of a monitoring device attached to a drip chamber to paper, and showed it to nurses. I asked, if they would use the device in their work if it was available. The answer was almost always "Yes, of course I would use it".

My doctor colleagues also considered the issue important and they saw the many benefits that this type of device could bring to IV infusion therapy. Later I demonstrated the idea to a group of experts in product development. Thus begun the story of Monidrop, the intravenous infusion monitor! I have a dream that accurate intravenous infusion therapy would be available for every patient. "

Antti Puolitaival, Rheumatologist    

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