Monidor Oy

Proper intravenous therapy for every patient with a small and easy-to-use tool


Why Monidrop®?

Cost savings

Complications can be reduced with accurate intravenous (IV) fluid therapy. This can result in shorter hospital stay and reduces costs. Additionally, common infusion sets are suitable for Monidrop®, which in turn will save costs in consumables as much as over 80% compared to devices which require dedicated infusion sets.

Helping nurses

Monidrop® helps nurses set the infusion speed accurately, control the IV therapy better and reduce the risks of mistakes. Monidrop® is very useful with antibiotics, basic fluids, blood products and nutrition.

Patient safety

Many research articles prove that inaccurate IV therapy can cause extended hospital stays[1], complications[2] and even severe injuries[3]. Basic IV therapy is very often conducted manually without any assisting device, which makes it prone to errors. The Monidrop® infusion monitor is designed to improve the quality of care in a manually adjusted IV therapy.

[1] Ann Surg 2016 Mar;263(3):502-10
[2] Proc Nutr Soc 2010;69:488-98
[3] Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol (2016) 26:195–198






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