Monidor Oy

Pilot and measurement of benefits at Turku University Hospital Neurocenter

Monidor remote monitoring for IV therapy was piloted on two wards at TYKS Neurocenter from 8 December 2020 to 21 February 2021. The wards to be piloted were the general neurology ward and the neurosurgery ward. Oskari Mällinen, a master´s degree student in health technology from Turku University of Applied Sciences, carried out a research on measurement of benefits of Monidor remote monitoring as part of his thesis.

The study was able to show that Monidor remote monitoring saves nurses' working time, and the time savings are achieved for example through reduced routine visits to patient rooms. Nurses' time savings were estimated to be 17h per month on General neurology ward. Monidor remote monitoring was also found to have a positive effect on patient care, as it allows a timely response to potential problems with fluid therapy. A significant number of fluid therapy problems, such as blockages, were observed with the Monidor remote monitoring on a monthly basis.

In particular, the benefits of the remote monitoring were especially shown at night and in the treatment of isolation patients. The patient's experience of hospitalization improves as routine visits decrease at night. Reducing the number of visits to insulation rooms again saves on the cost of protective materials.

Monidor case study from the pilot can be read here.