Monidor Oy


Monidrop® has been delivered to 25 hospitals in Finland, and several trials are ongoing both in Finland as well as abroad (Sweden, Denmark and France). We systematically collect feedback from our customers, and here are the most recent comments:

Oulu University hospital

”The small size makes it handy and easy to use. It is good especially in the assessment of blood products.” - Susan Koivisto, gastroenterological and endocrinological surgical ward

“It facilitates the calculation and monitoring of the infusion speed. When using the bottle, it is difficult to estimate the amount of drips and the infusion speed varies depending on the patient, but these can be easily seen on Monidrop's screen." Kaarina Santala, cancer and blood disease ward

 "Easy to use, and installation does not take time. Monidrop increases healthcare safety. It’s the first small -size medical device I have seen..” Katja Björklund, orthopaedic surgery ward

No safety-related observations were raised with Monidrop in Oulu University Hospital trials held in between Jan 2018 to May 2018.” - Sami Sneck, Medication Education and Safety Coordinator

Kuopio University hospital

"The hospital nursing staff in the Kuopio University Hospital is very delighted with the small and handy size as well as the ease of use of the device." - Merita Kaunisto, Project Coordiinator


Using Monidrop infusion monitor