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CE approval and lowered price for the new Monidrop and IV Screen




Monidor Oy is very happy to announce that the new Monidrop infusion monitor and IV Screen remote monitoring solution have received CE marking in February 2020, thus making them ready for the EU Launch. Another great step for the customers is that the new Monidrop infusion monitor is significantly more attractively priced than the older version.

After the successful integration with Oulu University hospital Esko electrical patient record system, the first remote monitoring installations have been made in the Oulu University Hospital and Kallio Community center hospital. Satisfaction level has proven to be very high, as over 90% of nurses would recommend our solution to their colleagues!

Monidrop devices operate over a wireless network and the infusion data is wirelessly transmitted to the mobile phones and nurse office computers. Infusion remote monitoring enables better patient management and quicker response times at hospital wards as well as more precise infusion therapy and highly improved patient safety.

Customer feedback from several pilots has been very positive and installations will be carried out in hospitals all over Finland in 2020. During the first half of the year Monidor will also extend the network of distributors in Europe and start both trials and installations in UK, Germany, Benelux and Nordic Countries. Our partners have been eagerly waiting for the New Monidrop and IV Screen remote infusion monitoring solution. And now we are ready to start selling and delivering the complete concept.  

“Our primary goal is to help nurses' work and improve the patient safety in infusion therapy on hospital wards. Our solution can bring precise infusion therapy for patients in a cost-effective way. Now that we have received the CE mark for the new Monidrop and remote monitoring web-service, we are ready to sell the complete solution in Finland and abroad”, says Mikko Savola, CEO of Monidor.


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Mikko Savola

CEO, Monidor