Monidor Oy

COVID-19 leads to new ways of working – Remote training a new norm?


Traditionally, customers have been trained in the use of devices and solution on site at the hospital, but with COVID-19 disease, user training has also shifted to remote times. The method has been found to work, and customers may be able to choose between on-site or remote training in the future. From Monidor’s perspective, the most important thing is that the customer gets the quality guidance they need to use the solution, and help is available when needed. The possibility of using remote connections in training and system installations has been welcomed by the customer.

According to Annika Suvanto, Monidor's Customer Success Associate, compared to on-site training, 30 minutes of distance training can get deeper, and nurses may be able to focus better on the training situation when time is fully set aside for training. “Before training, I always get a little nervous about how connections like voice and internet work, but everything has gone well so far.” Annika says. She also adds that remote training is a modern and environmentally friendly way of training. "I quickly accustomed to organizing training courses remotely, and it already seems rather abnormal to go on-site to train." She adds with a laugh.

Time will tell if remote training will become the new normal.