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How does COVID-19 make it difficult to manage the Hospital wards and how can Monidor help?


MD. (Rheumatologist) Antti Puolitaival, Chairman of the board at Monidor

❌ The Nursing staff workload is increasing, and they are exposed to COVID-19 infection

❌ COVID-19 complicates nursing care as you must protect other patients and yourselves from the infection

❌ COVID-19 has exposed a shortfall of some vital equipment, Ventilators are the headline product. However, volumetric infusion pumps are another example of equipment being transferred from General wards to ICU


✅ Monidrop secures accurate IV therapy even when there is a shortage of pumps on the hospital wards

✅ IV Screen remote monitoring minimizes unnecessary visits to isolation rooms while saving on protective equipment such as respirators

✅ Monidrop frees up the nurse's time for the most important treatment procedures. Unnecessary visits and extra steps can be reduced by 30-50%!



Contact person

Mikko Savola

CEO, Monidor