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Monidrop and IV Screen remote monitoring system pilots in Finnish hospitals



Checking infusions in hospital wards requires significant amount of time and steps from health care professionals every day. One patient may be checked more than ten times during one work shift just to ensure that the fluid therapy is progressing as planned. IV Screen remote monitoring is designed to bring help to these issues and to improve the quality of treatment. Infusion information can be viewed remotely at the nurse office screen or from mobile phones. This helps nurses to plan their work better and focus on the patients that really need attention. The need for this kind of solution came directly from several wards.

The solution has now been piloted in Oulu University hospital medicine day ward and gastro surgical ward and Kainuu Central Hospital surgical ward. Over 70% of users would recommend the use for others. One of the nurses from Oulu University gastro surgical ward mentioned that IV Screen is “one of the best solutions that has recently come to ease their work”.

According to the survey, Monidrop and IV Screen were easy to use, saved time for other tasks, gave confidence to work, made the night time watch easier and increased patient safety. Based on received user feedback, the solution has been developed as user-friendly as possible. IV Screen works automatically whenever Monidrop infusion monitor devices are in use.

IV Screen is available in the end of 2019. Pilots are currently running. For more information, please contact: