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Remote installations speed-up spreading Monidor’s wireless solution to the hospital wards – Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the new model

OULU, FI - Finnish health technology company Monidor has gained a lot of attention and increase of business due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Monidor launched their solution for remote infusion therapy monitoring application in Feb 2020. This solution consists of Monidrop device and remote monitoring application that assists in monitoring intravenous infusion therapy accurately and efficiently.

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, hospitals all over the Europe realized that they have a shortage of infusion pumps. Intensive Care Units needed extra pumps when new hospital beds were set up. Monidor’s new solution addressed this need just in time.

“We received lot of contacts from distributors all over the Europe as hospitals needed help to quickly equip new hospital wards dedicated for Covid-19 patients. Monidrop infusion monitor is very easy to use and cost-saving option compared to infusion pumps. Hence, we have sold Monidrop devices to many European countries due to the pandemic”, says Jan Prokofjeff, Sales Director of Monidor.

Covid-19 has also resulted in challenges due to the restricted access to hospitals, as all non-urgent visits were banned. Installment of the remote monitoring application to hospitals needed a new way to do be carried out. Monidor resolved this issue by developing an installation process and user training so that it is possible to do it 100% remotely.

”We succeeded in the first 100% remotely-made installations and user trainings without problems in the PPKY Kallio hospitals of Ylivieska and Nivala, Finland. Our next goal is to do the same with our customer hospitals in Finland and UK. The longest distance hospital trials have been planned to happen in Australia during 2020 and it is obvious that travelling there is neither efficient nor easy, especially in the current situation. Thanks to remote installation process and user training we can service our customers almost everywhere – even despite Covid-19”, says Mikko Savola, CEO of Monidor.

From the hospital staff point of view, Covid-19 has caused extra load and many necessary development projects have had to be postponed. Monidor has put a lot of effort to address this problem by ensuring that the solution is very easy to take into use.

“Video training have been very compact and clear. In the training everyone could test Monidrop hands-on. There was also one person from our department who was trained as an advanced user and could help during the training right there. The combination of remotely given training and having advanced user at our own department supporting locally works well. It is very important that everyone in the training have a chance to use the device hands-on and ask questions that pop-up in mind when using the device”, share Anu Järvi and Tuija Somero, Registered Nurses from Ylivieska.


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