Monidor Oy

Frequently asked question

Top 5 questions

1. For what purpose and for whom is Monidor Solution intended?

* Monidor Solution is designed for the basic IV therapy in hospital wards and for home health care. Monidor solution gives direct visibility to the ongoing intravenous therapy, also remotely with the IV Screen.

2. What liquids can be used when using Monidrop?

* Antibiotics, general purpose IV solutions, blood products, and regular nutrients.

3. Can Monidrop be cleaned using the normal cleaning liquid chemicals?

* Monidrop can be cleaned and disinfected using the regular medical device cleaning methods and chemicals. For more information, please see the user manual.

4. How is the infusion flow rate adjusted?

* Flow rate is adjusted by using the clamp, and the infusion speed can be seen on the screen (ml/h). Monidrop monitors the infusion but does not adjust it.

5. Can Monidrop be used for the same purpose as a syringe pump?

* Monidrop is designed to improve the quality of care in infusion therapy that is often conducted manually without the assistance of any electronic device.


How to buy Monidor Solution?

* We sell products via distribution partners.

Does Monidrop require a device-specific IV infusion set?

* Monidrop is compatible with the most commonly used drip sets with 20 drops/ml. It can be quickly fastened on to the drip chamber.

What kind of notifications can be set in Monidor Solution?

* The user can set notification limits for the target infusion speed (ml/h), total volume (ml), or elapsed time. In case of alarm, Monidrop® indicates alarms with LED lights and sounds. The alarm can also be set to silent mode, e.g. during night time. The user can set notification limits for the target total volume (ml), or elapsed time using IV Screen. When using only Monidrop device without IV Screen, there are notifications for infusion occlusion (<6 ml/h), high infusion rate (>1200 ml/h), infusion rate not in target and low battery. These are also available with in IV Screen.

How do the notifications work?

Notifications are described in detail in the user manual. Notifications may occur if the infusion speed deviates from the set notification limits or the infusion rate is outside the measurement range of 6ml/h…1200ml/h. Also, a low battery notification will be given with audio (notification) and a LED light.

How is Monidrop charged and can it be used while charging?

* The device can be charged with the device’s charger, which is included in the sales package. Monidrop can be used while charging.


What kind of network does the Monidor Solution require?

The IV Screen remote monitoring system uses the hospital's Wi-Fi network.

What is the recommended installation equipment for one hospital ward?

Recommended equipment is 5-15 Monidrop devices, IV Screen remote monitoring screen, 3-6 smart phones and Wi-Fi connection for one ward. Ask your local distributor for more information.